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Planning for life New resources to help disabled children (and adults) plan for better lives, using available resources. These portfolio-style materials assist families work with schools, community and medical providers, and build more effective advocacy through knowledge. Check these out, and please let us know if you make them work for you! Contact here for help on any questions that might arise while you try them out.

For parents of children with cerebral palsy, finding the right educational resources can be difficult, often made worse by location. The Cerebral Palsy Group, on its website ( ) has a page devoted to explaining educational options for children affected by cerebral palsy.

You can find it, here:

Disabled persons who perform work in Arkansas are entitled to be paid equally to nondisabled persons, where the work, the time, and the jobs are equal. If you or your child is being paid below minimum wage for working, either for a nonprofit organization or in the open, competitive market, there may be a real problem. You should seek competent legal advice and preserve future earnings.

A wonderful resource for questions that parents may have about language and communication questions in their birth-to-three-years children. Information comes from a pediatric speech-language pathologist, Laura Mize, of Kentucky. The link goes to her podcast, so you can listen where and whenever is convenient for you.

  • Have You Heard? For the deep dive on public school policy and the true meaning of educational life. On Apple, Google, and Patreon (for paid supporters, any amount).
  • School Psyched Podcast! Where you can get inside the mind of real life school psychologists! Assessments diagrammed! IEPs dissected and skinned! Interventions unpacked! How to deal with the principal! This is always a fun hour, more or less.

If your
district doesn’t have a clear plan, these guides can be used to help you decide
whether you send your children to school or keep them home. There is no
point in flying blind on everything.