White Rose Maths Hub ‘Everyone Can’ Video

Accommodating math learning problems by doing work more slowly is only half the problem. We should not shortchange special needs–or any other–learners by showing them that they can’t do as much as others.

I love this video for the surprise cast of characters. Check out other videos from White Rose Maths Hub. If you watch the first one, here, and just let it play on, more will follow. The video with the principal is priceless.

Here’s the link, look for “Everyone can” video, and then watch the whole series.

We can say that for many, many cases, special education need not be a lifetime sentence. Shame should never be a reason to avoid getting a good IEP. The purpose of special education is to prepare students for further education and independent living. In a lot of cases, that means that a student can be educated right out of the special program, if the IEP is appropriately structured and based on scientific research pertinent to the subject matter and its instructional delivery. Behavior problems too often stem from frustrated learning. Let’s not go there with your child!

If you want guidance on how to get a S.M.A.R.T. IEP for your child, call today. Our introductory offer–which won’t last forever–of $29/mo for 10 months (up to 3 hours, each month) of highly qualified guidance can’t be matched by anyone!